Brno Christmas

Christmas visuals in augmented reality

Brno Christmas is the 2nd-best Christmas in the world. Right after the one in your home.

This slogan from Brno’s AETNA agency first appeared in connection to Brno Christmas last year and became so popular that it’ll be connected to the event this year, too. To create this year’s visuals, AETNA called in Vendula Pucharová Kramářová, who brought her typical ornamental style. By using artistic motifs of Christmas bread and carp, her art brings the culinary side of the holidays to the fore and, in addition to posters, brochures, adverts, websites, and social networks, also decorates this year’s collection of TIC BRNO Christmas souvenirs (chocolate, mints, tins, badges, canvas bags, and more).

This year’s ornamental visuals are so engaging that it would be a shame not to let visitors to Brno Christmas see them through different eyes, which is why there is augmented reality! This involves the chance to see virtual scenes set against real surroundings using a camera on a smart device, which Helena Lukášková and Takhmina Sadykova worked on. This augmented reality enables visitors to Brno Christmas the chance to set Christmas posters in motion using a QR code. From 21 November through the end of the year.

* Vendula Pucharová Kramářová (PECKA fashion)

This graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno draws inspiration mainly from nature and folk motifs. She wants to get away and stand out from everyday boredom, engage on first sight, and emphasize feminity, tenderness, and national identity in the form of traditional patterns and materials used to create folk costumes.

*Helena Lukášová 

She works at the Masaryk University Faculty of Informatics as the head of the Studio of Graphic Design + Multimedia at the Department of Visual Computing. She holds a degree in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and worked in the USA before starting to teach at Masaryk University.

*Takhmina Sadykova

She graduated from the Masaryk University Faculty of Informatics. She works as a 3D artist. In her work, she applies her undisputed artistic talent. She currently works as an external teacher at the faulty. 

Did you know this year the Brno Dragon got a sweater for Christmas?