Brno Christmas

Freedom Square

The dynamic and lively “Svoboďák” is a place for meeting, entertainment, and building new friendships, and it’s no different during Advent. Besides the Christmas tree, you’ll see a Christmas tram, passing through and a stylish refreshments area shaped like a star on the fountain. A popular nexus is the Zimní (Winter) bar offering punch, hot juice beverages, and ginger drinks. In addition to international specialities, the market offers representatives of the famed Brno food scene, and if you want to taste Brno, you should do so at this market.

The daily cultural and musical programme will warm the entire square – so even in winter Brno will live up to its title as a UNESCO City of Music. The stands will also be varied. You can taste a number of specialities at the market: Wallachian frgáls, French delicacies, American pancakes, Mexican cuisine, exotic fruit, and much more. There will also be stands with products that can be gifts under the tree for your loved ones.

Prodejci na náměstí Svobody

Programme at náměstí Svobody

The complete program can be found on the Cultural programme.

Christmas tram

Šalina does not just mean a popular mode of transport in Brno and the most well-known word in Hantec. Šalina means a legend, an icon, without which there would not be Brno Christmas. The Christmas tram is a unique means of transport that can regularly push through the crowds in the city centre without drawing outrage. Its Advent decorations light up people’s faces, and everyone wants a photo. How about first taking a ride? Christmas should not be about only shopping, but also shared experiences. Catch a Christmas tram and experience the most festive ride you can have on public transport. Learn more about the Christmas tram at or the Facebook page of Dopravní podnik města Brna.

Charity on Freedom Square

Behind the charity on Freedom Square stands the story of a girl rescued from the forest, which led to a beautiful tradition. She was found in the Bílovice forest in the snow on Christmas, 1919. One of her rescuers was the journalist Rudolf Těsnohlídek, who then drew inspiration from Copenhagen and in 1924 led in Brno the first collection under an illuminated tree. The collection was for abandoned children. This year, this location will see a charity collection for the Czech Red Cross. Another opportunity to help can be found in the Daruj Kelímek (Donate a Cup)stands, where you can donate returnable cups to support charitable projects in these categories: children and families, humanitarian aid, people with disabilities, seniors, sustainability, and animals.
Brno Christmas