Brno Christmas

Christmas promenade

On a visit to the Christmas markets, several things will immediately jump out at you. Lights, carols, people having fun, and general Advent bustle. It may make you feel overwhelmed and like you want a short break from it all. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this list of places where you can take a moment to calm down, gain perspective (either literally or at least internally), and recharge yourself to return to the pulsating squares. Perhaps for another mulled wine.

Betlém Tungsramský (Tungram nativity scene)

In the blue-framed window of Café Tungram on Kapucínské náměstí, Čestmír and Kundery have prepared the 14th Tungram nativity scene for you. Definitely don’t expect anything traditional. They’ve again conceptualized the birth of the saviour in their own way, and this year’s theme is: Hindu Jesus. As you admire the art exhibit, look around you. From the cafe directly stretches one of the most beautiful views of the Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul. If your fingers start to freeze while you’re staring around, you can warm up in the cafe.

Zahrady pod Petrovem (Gardens under Petrov)

You don’t have to go far for a little calm and a place to contemplate. Just such a spot lies right under the Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul with the name Gardens under Petrov. You can enter from Petrská Street around TAK kafe, where you can buy something to warm yourself. Then just enjoy the breathtaking views of the cathedral, and if you start yearning for a closer look, use the spiral staircase, which leads right to it. We especially recommend a visit on the weekend of 17–18 December 2022, which will include Charitativní Trhy (Charity Market).

Piazzetta před Janáčkovým divadlem (Piazzetta in front of Janáček Theatre)

You might know the space in front of Janáček Theatre from the summer, but a trip there, even when you’re not going to the theatre, is worth it even during Advent. This year, the beautifully lit theatre will be complemented by a new installation in the fountain. Some snowflakes from this year’s Brno Christmas visual have wandered into it. The ideal chance to take a photo for a 2023 New Year card.

Vánoční hrad Špilberk (Špilberk Christmas Castle)

From too close up, lights can be blinding. So head out of the centre for a walk through the park around Špilberk, where you can gaze on the bright city from a safe distance. You can also breathe fresh air and stop regretting the potato pancake you just finished. Instead, reward yourself for the walk up the hill at one of the dining establishments. Then you should definitely head for the castle itself, where you’ll find interesting exhibitions. Find the ideal date for a trip to the castle at Advent on Špilberk, which includes the entertainment programme the Brno City Museum has prepared for visitors.

Denisovy sady (Denis Gardens)

The endless standing at the markets can make your legs hurt. Luckily, there’s a place in the Brno centre where you’ll always find a free bench, even with a view of the city. Denisovy sady is just an ideal location to pause for a while and indulge in a moment for yourself during these bustling times. Don’t worry. With a proper coat, you’ll certainly manage the cold from sitting for a while. We still recommend bringing something warn to drink with you, perhaps from nearby Zelný trh.

Courtyard of the New town hall

The Christmas tree in the New Town Hall courtyard has complained several times that it’s less valued than its competitors on the squares. Go and support the tree and see how it beautifies this Brno spot. You won’t be disappointed! It’s also only a few steps from Halouzka’s wooden nativity scene.

Old Town Hall tower

A view and no regrets from eating sweets? That’s what a trip to the Old Town Hall tower offers thanks to conquering 173 stairs. The 360° view of the Brno centre is available all year, but during Advent, when the city is full of lights and a festive atmosphere, it’s simply unbeatable. Especially if you get lucky and the roofs of houses and the Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul are covered in snow.

Kostel sv. Janů s Loretou (Church of St Johns with Loreto Chapel)

An inseparable part of Brno is the 13th-century Church of St Johns, and where is a better place during Advent to find peace than a church? What's more, during Advent a guide is available on request from 9:00 to 17:00 so you can even see the cloister with Gothic murals. From 12 December, you'll also find a nativity scene.

Did you know Brno Christmas is the 2nd-best Christmas in the world, right after the one in your home?