Brno Christmas

Donate your cup to charity

Charity and Advent go together hand in hand, and helping the needy has never been easier. Thanks to the idea from several sellers, cooperation with the organizers of the Brno Christmas markets, and the eco-friendly return system, it’s enough to finish your drink, bring it to a Daruj Kelímek (Donate a Cup) stand, and decide to which of the 18 charitable aims you want to dedicate your refundable deposit for the cup you’re returning.

You’ll find Daruj Kelímek stands at Freedom Square, Dominican Square, and Vegetable Market, and you can see online how exactly your CZK 50 is helping. The project will continue through 6 January 2023, and then all of the collected money will be given to the charitable organizations.

Won’t make it to the markets? That’s OK, you can contribute to a good cause online at the transparent bank account 123-8544760207/0100.

Brno Christmas